Case Studies

The CEO of an electronics firm in Taiwan approached us about helping him export wines to sell to high net worth consumers. He needed assistance selecting wines and building relationships with wineries. We got him in the door at top Napa wineries and helped him export the wines he chose. His business is so successful that he set up a new division of his company dedicated to selling wine. We support this business through private tastings, wine dinners, seminars, and hosting visitors in Napa.
An Executive in the steel industry in Korea set up a food supply division and wanted a custom- blend wine to sell to individuals and restaurant chains. We helped him bring his dream to reality by finding a winery, providing guidance on the blend, and making a label from a concept he had. The wine is now sold in Costco in Korea and in restaurants throughout the country.


top tier portfolio

We have carefully chosen our portfolio of wines by personally tasting each wine and building strong long-term relationships with the winery owners.  We specialize in boutique family-owned Napa wineries.  For example, we have worked with the Miner Family Winery for 8 years.  Many of the wines we represent are award-winning or have 90+ ratings.  


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Latest News

Napa Harvest 2016

The 2016 Napa growing season had an early start, mild summer weather, and long hang-time which contributed to high quality grapes.  This makes 2016 the fifth consecutive stellar harvest for Napa wineries.  Click here to read the full blog post.